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The real estate sector is one of the fastest-growing markets as urbanization and housing demand keep on rising. Getting the right information in the real estate sector is one of the best strategies to make informed investment decisions. Listening to podcasts is among the best ways to learn about real estate’s finer details from industry experts. The good thing about podcasts is that they are convenient to listen to when stuck in traffic jams, bored, or at home, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic period. Numerous podcasts exist, which may overwhelm an interested person in real estate while choosing the best one. However, the information provided below outlines some of the best podcasts to listen to. They include the following podcasts;


The Real Wealth Show

The Real Wealth Show is a podcast for newbies and veterans in the real estate industry who want to gain insight into market trends, opportunities, and strategies to make money in real estate. The podcast is aired weekly by Kathy Fettke, the chief executive officer of Real Wealth Network. The podcast features big names in the real estate industry who share their expertise.


The Real Estate Guys Show

This podcast has been in existence for over two decades providing real estate education to new learners and experienced ones in the industry. The Real Estate Guys podcast is facilitated by Russell Gray together with Robert Helms. The show addresses current real estate trends and gives expert advice to investing while evaluating the macro-economic business environment. The show also welcomes real estate gurus to provide financial literacy.


Real Estate Rockstars

Real Estate Rockstars is one of the best podcasts for real estate agents who want to improve their industry score. The show is hosted by Pat Hiban, who is a seasoned expert in the industry. The host features successful agents and investors who share insights on the market, current affairs, and ideas to make it in the field.


Bigger Pockets

Bigger Pockets is an incredible podcast that brings experts from various real estate niches to share their journeys to success. The show is one of the most liked podcasts as it addresses real-life problems that potential investors and veterans in the industry face. Bigger Pockets podcast also discusses trends in real estates, such as social media and technology.


Real Estate Today Radio

Real Estate Today Radio provides useful information in the industry suitable for agents and investors. The podcast provides information on property valuation, market insights, among other trending topics in real estate.